To enable #Lastpole to happen and to succeed I need to contribute to the team effort to ensure we meet certain targets. This means I will be involved in various promotional and sponsorship activities.

To secure my place on the #Lastpole expedition I will need to raise nearly £24,000 GBP / 28,000 EUR; please see the breakdown below.

#Lastpole Expedition: My Personal Contribution
#Lastpole Expedition Contribution £12,000 GBP / 14,000 EUR (approx.)
Polar Skill Training / Training Expedition Costs £ 6,200 GBP /    7,300 EUR (Approx.)
Training Flights Costs £ 2,500 GBP /     3,000 EUR (Approx.)
Expedition Kit Costs £ 3,000 GBP /     3,500 EUR (Approx.)
Total Costs Circa £23,700 GBP / 27,800 EUR (Approx.)

I will be seeking to partner up with and seek support and possible sponsorship from:

  • Small & medium enterprises / businesses; and
  • From individuals; and
  • Corporations / larger organisations.

In return for support / contribution to #Lastpole and / or my personal participation I can promise that I will endeavour to ensure that you or your organisation receives best value for your contribution. If you or your organisation would like to be part of this ground-breaking, worthwhile and world first polar expedition to the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility please read the remainder of this section.

I am also seeking to team up with a charity and raise funds for a worthwhile cause. Please get in touch if you think you are a good fit with #Lastpole.



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