#lastpole: SME’s & Individuals

I have a range of options available for any individual or small / medium business that would like to be involved and support #Lastpole. To give you an idea of what I can do for you please see the list below:

  • Name of sponsor + logo + dynamic link to sponsors’ own website on my social media platform.
  • Appearance by myself at a sponsors’ event (e.g. staff meeting, business event / lecture etc.) pre or post expedition.
  • Patches on my jacket; see below for more details.
  • Kit list – item donation. I will list my kit in due course.
  • Photograph with sponsors’ logo / flag during the expedition and rights for subsequent use in publicity and other materials.
  • Testing of sponsors’ equipment during expedition – needs to meet certain requirements as I will have to carry around on the expedition!
  • Name of sponsor on Ice Warrior website ‘Role of Honour’.
  • Name of sponsor + logo on Ice Warrior web site ‘Roll of Honour’.
  • Name of sponsor + logo on Ice Warrior web site ‘Roll of Honour’ + dynamic link to sponsors’ own web site.
  • Appearance by Jim McNeill at sponsor event, lecture or business meeting.
  • 1 day staff training event (up to 12 people).
  • Visit to Base Camp in Resolute – Northern Canada for the ‘Resolute for the resolute’ 6 day experience.

#Lastpole Jacket – Patches


If you or your organisation have any other ideas or suggestions please let me know…I’m open to most suggestions!

Equally, we are also seeking enthusiastic advocates of the Ice Warrior project and #Lastpole. It would greatly help our endeavour if you could share / like our websites, blogs, social media links, any material we share to raise public awareness of our polar world first expedition. I may even buy you a drink or three if we meet in the future!!


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