#Lastpole Launch Event: Royal Aeronautical Society

Conas áta tú? Hope you are all well!

So we had another important step in the build-up to our #Lastpole expedition last week – a launch event in Mayfair (London) at the Royal Aeronautical Society, who are a supporter of our polar endeavour.

I was looking forward to this event as it would provide the opportunity to meet up with my fellow Ice Warrior’s, our #Lastpole patron the Hon. Alexandra Shackleton, some of our corporate partners / sponsors and others who are interested in our journey to the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility in February 2018.

The evening did not disappoint and I certainly enjoyed myself with the weather even allowing us to enjoy the terrace area outside. Being of the ginger disposition I had to make use of the shades to keep the sun beast at bay! The evening was a mix of meet and greet, a presentation by Jim and a Q&A session. One of our #Lastpole expedition partners Hennessy XO kept us thoroughly watered throughout the evening.

We also launched the trailer for the feature documentary on our #Lastpole Expedition. No guesses as to the documentary title…of course it has to be “Last Pole”, which is being produced by Three Wise Monkeys Productions. I even managed to make an appearance in the trailer, although I was told that some people wanted subtitles to understand my great Donegal accent…do they not know our accent is the best in the world 🙂

Have a look at our trailer and let me know what you think.

One of our new partners Ralloo were also present – Kasia and Andy will certainly assist with our efforts and it is good to have them on-board. Ralloo will be assisting with our sponsorship / fundraising activities and have a very innovative approaching to gaining support from major brands / organisations. I will be putting up a post in the next few days on this and also on my fast approaching need to get some support from individuals and / or businesses.

I didn’t manage to get many photographs of the evening, enjoying the craic and Hennessy XO too much I think 🙂 , so I’ve uploaded some pictures that others took during the evening.

Until next time… Slán go fóill!


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