Special Olympics Ireland: Polar Plunge Update

So mission accomplished and I had my dip in the arctic on St. Patrick’s Day (17 March)…no chance of finding any snakes to banish round these parts 🙂

Unfortunately there was no sea ice close to the costs of Longyearbyen in Svalbard so we had to scout out a suitable access to the sea. The lack of sea ice for this time of year is becoming more common in the Arctic and a direct result of climate change and global warming. Anyhow on to the topic at hand – the Polar Plunge in aid of Special Olympics Ireland!

The conditions were interesting to say the least with it being in and around -20c on land and 0c in the water. You can see from the video below that we had a reasonable amount of snow and some ships docked at the pier. I did see some bemused sailors having a look at the unfolding events.

Due to safety reasons i.e. risk of heart attack, fainting and a dip in blood pressure I wasn’t allowed jump into the sea from a height and submerge my head. Instead, I walked in from a pebble beach with a safety rope attached. I would have preferred to just jump in and get the cold shock over with, but that would be too easy…let’s make me him walk into the sea and sit down for a count of ten!
Once I completed the plunge I had someone walk with me to our van for safety reasons. I jumped, well I should say stumbled, into the back of the van with my feet feeling like frozen blocks of ice. Once inside the back of the van I needed the help of a team mate to take off my frozen clothes and put on a dry baselayer set. I had lost the use of my hands so all basic hand control had gone. It took about 30 mins to get feeling back into my hands and feet and the combination of numbness / pain was a very strange sensation indeed. I might add that the pain wasn’t pleasant!

So all in all I actually enjoyed the Polar Plunge and it certainly was a cool experience 🙂

If you would like to support the important and worthwhile work that Special Olympics Ireland undertakes on a daily basis, you can make a donation HEREEvery Euro counts so thanks in advance!

If you have already donated – thank you!

Slán go fóill



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