Special Olympics Ireland: Polar Plunge

It’s been a while since I last posted as I have been busy getting prepared for our two weeks of fast approaching polar training in Svalbard. I will fly out this Saturday 04th March and return back to Ireland on Monday 20th March. I will put up a couple of posts about my preparation and the training we undertake in Svalbard once I get back.

Now onto the reason for this post – a polar plunge in aid of Special Olympics Ireland!

Special Olympics Ireland provides year-round sporting opportunities for over 9,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities in 360 clubs all over Ireland. Donegal alone has 21 clubs, schools and adult centres affiliated to Special Olympics Ireland.

With Team Ireland sending 26 athletes to the Winter World Games in Austria, in just over 2 weeks, the positive results of the Special Olympics Programme are there for all to see. But equally important are the thousands of athletes, who along with their families, coaches and volunteers, develop both physically and emotionally, make new friends, realise their dreams, and know they can fit in because of Special Olympics. Special Olympics Ireland enables our athletes to achieve and win not only in sport but in life too.

To allow Special Olympics Ireland to provide this invaluable support / service it requires funds to allow it to operate day to day. To raise these funds there will be a polar plunge in Rathmullan this Saturday (04th March) and if you are in the area why not get registered and take the plunge yourself 🙂 You can register HEREI will making my way to the arctic when the event is happening in Rathmullan; so I will instead take the plunge during my training for #Lastpole in Svalbard.

Where is Svalbard? Well it is located in the Arctic and is about half way between Norway and the Geographic North Pole..where Santa lives of course 🙂

I will be taking an actual polar plunge in waters around 0°C/32°F! I’m not quite sure what day I will take the plunge just yet, but I’ll keep everyone updated and will post up some pictures and maybe even a video….I’ll see how colourful my language is first! Hopefully I don’t have to do a couple of takes 🙂

If you would like to support Special Olympics Ireland you can donate HERE. Every Euro counts so please give as much as you can! Thanks in advance.


Update: Bear Chills spotted in and around Rathmullan….





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